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The Blockchain Technology program has a comprehensive curriculum that will introduce you to the different facets of Blockchain Technology and the industry that is growing around it.

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BIA® is offering you a unique opportunity to learn Blockchain Technology with hands-on training from expert faculty and mentors from the industry.

Introduction to Blockchain Technology:

What and Why is Blockchain | Origin of Blockchain | Types of Blockchain | Blockchain Ecosystem | Blockchain and Bitcoin

Technical Aspects of Blockchain Technology:

Cryptographic Wallets | Blockchain Global Peer-to-peer Software Network | Bitcoin Mining | Bitcoin Scalability | Blockchain Risks


What is Cryptocurrency | Understanding Cryptocurrencies | Bitcoin | Ethereum | Advantages and Disadvantages of Cryptocurrency

Smart Contracts:

Introduction to Smart Contracts | Working of Smart Contracts | Benefits of Smart Contracts | Uses of Smart Contracts | Applications of Smart Contracts

Consensus Algorithm:

What is Consensus Algorithm | Distributed Computing Networks | Types of Consensus Algorithm | Working of Consensus Mechanism | Applications of Consensus Algorithm