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data visualization course

Making sense out of data and presenting it without making it look overwhelming is difficult. Learn with us, the three most sought after visualization tools that will help you find both clarity, and insights!

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The course will familiarize participants with top visualization tools like Power BI, Tableau and Google Data Studio. These tools are used not only by data scientists, but everyone who works with data. We start with exploring the data, learning how to fetch it from various sources, and how to find and view reports that we can start analyzing. Going forward, the participants will learn how to model the data as per usage. It includes managing relationships, creating calculated columns, measures & tables, and optimizing and exploring data models and time-based data. The module then moves on to visual analytics, plotting data and using various charts. We teach drill-down and hierarchy, sorting, grouping, filtering, mapping, working with sets, calculations, dashboarding and publishing your interactive visual files, apart from getting you to learn to pick up the best chart to visualize a particular set of data.

In a nutshell, you learn how to import data, analyze, and create models from available data and publish/share your dashboards online. Participants, throughout the duration of the course, will be assigned customized case studies, suiting their domain interests, aiding them to apply their newly acquired skills and knowledge hands-on.

This is a transformative module that does not let your productivity be affected by the current lockdown situation in India. The Visualization Course - Unified Module is a unique opportunity to learn Power BI, Tableau and Google Data Studio. We start as an online module, with classes being conducted via live, interactive lectures that will gradually transition into regular classroom sessions once the pandemic situation in the country settles down.

modules covered:

Power BI:
Introduction to Power BI Desktop | Connect & Transform Data | Build a Relational Data Model | Graphs and Visualization | Creating Reports | Interactive Dashboards | DAX Formulas & Measures | Relationships | Intro to Power BI Query Editor | Sharing and Embedding Dashboards

Intro to Tableau UI | Connect to Data & Data Preparation | Charts, Graphs and Maps | Time series and Aggregation | Using Filters | Creating Calculated Fields | Level of Detail Expressions | Story & Dashboarding | Trendlines & Forecasting | Publishing and Sharing Dashboards

Google Data Studio:
Introduction to Google Data Studio | Data Sources and Transformation | Reports and Scorecard | Data Studio Explorer | Calculated Fields | Dynamic Tables | Graphs and Trends | Mapping and Geographical Analysis | Publishing and Sharing Dashboards

Course Duration: 6 Weeks (weekends only)