Data Science Training | Digital Marketing Analytics

digital marketing analytics

Learn and explore Digital Marketing and how Analytics can be used as an edge in this field. Uncover the inter-relation & inter-dependence of the two and derive useful insights with our customized case studies.

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The course starts with an introduction to digital marketing and analytics; explore for yourself, how and why these two fall so effortlessly in sync. The course then goes on to introduce marketing skills like SEO, SMM, SEM, SMO, Website Creation, E-commerce Management, while also familiarizing participants with Email Marketing, Blogging, Mobile Marketing, and Design Essentials, etc.

In the Web & Digital Analytics segment, we train the participants on building blocks of Web & Digital Analytics and on developing strategies, reporting, analysis & recommendations and optimization. The module will also teach analytical tools like Google Analytics, Google Search Console and HubSpot. Participants will learn to model marketing mix, apart from assessing metrics for measuring brand assets and Customer Lifetime Value.

Further, learn what is A/B testing and how it helps improve customer experience and conversion on a website using measurements like - goals, metrics, hypothesis & opportunity prioritization, and running & analyzing A/B testing. Use visualization tools like Google Data Studio to import, analyze, visualize, and generate insights efficiently. Also learn Scenario & Sensitivity Analysis, Customer Analytics and Geo-marketing Analytics, forming the basis of Marketing Analytics.

This is a transformative module that does not let your productivity be affected by the current lockdown situation in India. We start as an online module, with classes being conducted via live, interactive lectures that will gradually transition into regular classroom sessions once the pandemic situation in the country settles down.

modules covered:

o Introduction to Digital Marketing

o Search Engine Optimization

o Search Engine Marketing

o Social Media Marketing

o Social Media Optimization

o Remarketing

o Email Marketing

o Blogging, AdSense, Affiliate

o Content Strategy

o Website Creation

o Media Buying

o Design Essentials

o Mobile Marketing

o E-commerce Management

o Introduction to Marketing Analytics

o Data Collection

o Data Analysis

o Data Visualization

o Web & Digital Advertisement Analytics

o A/B Testing

o Projecting Marketing Metrics

o Scenario and Sensitivity Analysis

o Customer Demographic Analysis and Geo-Marketing Analysis