Android & iOS App Development

This certified module will help students explore Android & iOS App Development from the basic level going up to the advanced one, from writing their first code to publishing an app on the App Store.

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Here is a unique opportunity for you to learn the industry’s most sought after skill - Android & iOS App Development. This transformative module lets you explore the skill of app development, with or without having a background in application development. The certified module starts from the very basics, stepping on to the advanced levels gradually. From writing your very first code to publishing your app on the App Store, the module covers it all.

The module starts with understanding Swift Programming, moving on to Xcode, and to exploring various functions of the Interface, Asynchronous Operations, traversing through Core Data Stack to retrieval and modification of data, and finally to publishing the app on the App Store. Throughout the module, extensive hands-on training will be provided by industry experts, helping the participants with a tangible experience.

This is a transformative module that does not let your productivity be affected by the current lockdown situation in India. We start as an online module, with classes being conducted via live, interactive lectures that will gradually transition into regular classroom sessions once the pandemic situation in the country settles down.

modules covered:

o Swift Programming – Variables, Data Types, Operators, Collections, Optionals, Functions, Object-Oriented Programming

o Git and GitHub for version control

o Introduction to Xcode

o Xcode Storyboard, AutoLayout, and Buttons

o Model View Controller

o StackViews

o User Interface - UIKit Fundamentals and Components

o Network, APIs and Asynchronous Operations

o Local and Push Notifications

o Local Data Persistence

o Core Data and Core Data Stack

o iOS Sandbox

o Performance, Responsiveness, Memory Usage, and Leaks

o SQLite, Entity Descriptions, Retrieving and Modifying Data

o Uploading your app to the App Store

Course Duration: 10 Weeks (weekends only)