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BIA® ensures an optimum batch strength to encourage an effective blend of personal attention and group interaction. A lot of effort is invested by counsellors, instructors and management to plan and customize the course for each batch. Hence fees, once paid, cannot be refunded under any circumstances.

In the unlikely event that a batch gets cancelled after payment of fees by the student, a full refund of fees will be provided.

All students are required to maintain 75% attendance record. Failure to do so will result in the student not being eligible for BIA® Certification/Diploma and Career Enhancement Cell activities.

The field of technology is an extremely dynamic field, with new skills, tools and techniques emerging rapidly. Hence, to ensure our curriculum is in sync with the evolving tech world, BIA® reserves the right to alter the course curriculum at any point without prior notice.

All eligible students will be awarded a Certificate/Diploma of Completion at the end of the course. Certificates of Distinction will be provided to students who have shown exceptional performance during the duration of the course.

All students are required to maintain confidentiality of all sessions and course materials provided. Any breach of confidentiality will be severely dealt with and will result in legal consequences.

Immorality, grave insubordination, contempt of authority, rude behaviour towards BIA® staff i.e. management, teaching and non-teaching staff will result in immediate dismissal and debarment.

Students are expected to bring and maintain their own IT systems (hardware, software, licenses, etc) for the sessions. BIA® will not be held responsible for any loss, theft or damage to students’ property and belongings. Students are expected to take care of their belongings.

In light of any unforeseen instances or public holidays, the duration of the course may extend beyond the stipulated period.

All students are expected to maintain a decorum during our training programs. Students are subject to BIA® rules and regulations in force and as varied from time to time. Failure to comply to the rules or any instance of indiscipline will result in their admissions getting terminated immediately without any refund.

In case a student misses a session, they can access the video recording of that session with a prior appointment at the BIA® Center. The videos must be accessed within 2 weeks of the missed session. Access to the video recordings outside of the BIA® premises is strictly prohibited.

Sharing of BIA® resources and information (course material, access, opportunities, etc.) to anyone will result in breach of confidentiality and will have legal consequences.

You shall not divulge any confidential matters related to THE INSTITUTE to any one not in permanent employment of THE INSTITUTE. You will not at any time without the consent in writing of THE INSTITUTE during the term of your course with THE INSTITUTE or after, make known or divulge in any manner whatsoever any information concerning the technical process, patent, transaction, finances or affairs of THE INSTITUTE. In addition, you shall be bound by the decision of THE INSTITUTE regarding publication written or otherwise, of any work with which you may be associated.

The student must not engage in any activity that may bring disrepute to THE INSTITUTE. They must comply with all requirements, guidelines and instructions issued by THE INSTITUTE from time to time. Any acts of indiscipline by the student will result in legal consequences.

Making any untrue, disparaging or misleading, oral or written statements, about THE INSTITUTE or its activities, in or on any medium or platform (including social media) will result in legal consequences.

The student shall duly and punctually make payments of all amounts due and payable to THE INSTITUTE. Non-payment of any amount under this by the student to THE INSTITUTE within the prescribed time shall be construed as an act of default and without prejudice to any other rights to recover such amount from the student, THE INSTITUTE shall also be entitled to terminate his enrolment forthwith without giving any prior notice.

The student agrees that the court in Mumbai in the state of Maharashtra (INDIA) and none other courts shall have jurisdiction to try any matter arising between THE INSTITUTE and the student. All differences and disputes which may arise between THE INSTITUTE and the student shall be referred to a sole arbitrator for adjudication to be appointed by THE INSTITUTE only. The provisions of the Indian Arbitrator and Conciliation Act, 1996 shall apply.

Career Enhancement Cell (CEC) activities include resume building, interview preparation and access to internships and job opportunities from partner companies. All students will be eligible for 100% Placement Assistance provided they adhere to the BIA® Student Code of Conduct and Terms & Conditions. Note that 100% Placement Assistance means student will get access to job and internship opportunities provided by CEC via email.

In order to be eligible for 100% Placement Assistance, ALL of the below conditions must be met:

  • Must have 75% ATTENDANCE in all technical training sessions, soft skills sessions, aptitude prep sessions, mock interviews (technical and HR), interview preparatory sessions, and guest/industry sessions organized by the CEC.
  • Must have submitted the Capstone Project as per the timelines and scored a MINIMUM OF A OR B GRADE in the Capstone Project Presentation conducted by THE INSTITUTE Head Office.
  • Must have paid the entire fees in time.
  • Must have appeared for all the Interview and Test opportunities presented/offered.
  • Must have followed BIA® Student Code of Conduct and Terms & Conditions.

Note that any no shows to scheduled interviews or tests will debar the student immediately. Any request to reschedule Interviews/Tests will not be permitted. 100% Placement Assistance will end as soon as the student receives his/her first offer letter.