Data, Data everywhere!

16 Nov, 2019 | 3:00 pm - 5:00 pm (IST)


Here's your chance to dig deeper into the fundamentals of Analytics!

Key topics covered:

What is Analytics exactly?
What are the on-going Industry Trends?
What are the applications?
How will it help me grow?

Keynote Speakers:

Mr. Ashwin Malik Meshram
Mr. Ashwin Malik Meshram is the Managing Director of a US-based machine learning company, specializing in algorithm development for financial services. He is an IIT Bombay alumnus.

Mr. Rishikesh Deshpande
Mr. Rishikesh Deshpande is the CEO of a marketing & research analytics firm, specializing in feasibility assessment, financial modeling, and marketing analytics for retail, FMCG, manufacturing & many other sectors, having an experience of 25 years consulting Fortune 1000 companies across the globe.

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